STRPTS // the series


STRPTS (striptease read) is a series of intrigue created by bouts live and direct on stage and broadcast audio visually in situ in real time.

Cinema Sticado collective brings to scene a miniature universe made of recycled cardboard to tell with a particular aesthetic a story tinged with mystery, sex, corruption, murder and persecution.

The audience sees on a large screen the projection of that story as a movie, plus they can also find the making off live: how actors-handlers involved moving characters and objects in that world in miniature at the same while they film it with cameras; how they generate sounds to create sound atmosphere and give voice to the characters.

Cinema Sticado do not use any kind of audiovisual prerecorded material and both the filmed image as the sounds and voices are generated and processed in real time by digital tools controlled by the actors themselves before being projected.

Terms like live-cinema, visual poetry, puppetry, live animation, shadow theater or camera-live help to define the scenic approach of this series, an approach where the narrative shares spotlight with the live creation without hiding the importance of technical device as a catalyst of experience, and whose ultimate goal is to make a particular examination of the contemporary world and its evolution as well as the nature of human beings, media and language.

The STRPTS series will feature three episodes in its first season:

  • Episode 1: Mirlo & Rula (on exhibition)
  • Episode 2: Emperor (in preproduction)
  • Episode 3: Seagulls (in thought)