Cinema Sticado collective


Cinema Sticado: an artists collective which make live cinema with a digital-analog paraphernalia.

What do we want? (besides having fun)

We aspire to create images loaded with beauty, poetry and symbolism and we have an unquestionable vocation for handycraft, but we are also looking for new narratives, new languages, new expressions that can liberate the perception of preconceived forms, and so to contribute to a critical vision of reality.

In this search for stimulating the imagination of the audience and inspiring them to reflection, what we aim is a paradoxical double show: on the one hand, the dramaturgical elements (sets, characters, sounds, images and technology) acquire an evident presence: tricks in sight, and on the other hand we intend to keep the thread of a fiction that the public, aware of how it is being done, can not escape for.


What do we do ? (besides having fun)

We combine visual, theatrical and performing arts with the creation of audio and video in real time (no prerecorded material is used). We use cameras and microphones and we control the live-edition of both sound and video from our mobile phones with computer tools programmed in open-software (mostly pure data, we have made the video software ourselves).

In short, we do live movies without hiding how we do it and looking for providing the viewer a unique and amazing experience.


Since when ?

We present our first job in 2015 STRPTS // Episode 1: Mirlo & Rula after more than two years of experimentation and development in a clandestine atelier sited in an unspecified place of the heavenly Península do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain.

In 2017 we make a show with 60 musicians of the Vigo Clasical Orchestra. They played Hitchcock films themes while we were making a film in live. We called the show “VERTIGO // BSO & film on air”, and it was mind-bending.

With our first performance we toured different squares and Festivals of Galicia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Poland. We keep on touring.

We also continue working in our clandestine atelier and in the fall of 2018 we presented our second work of the series “STRPTS // End of season“.


Who we are ?

The core group consists of:

    • Xosel Díez, engineer, artist and teacher, creator and brain of the plan, manipulated during the shows, live editor of the films and constructor of the scenery, lights and video software under the pseudonyms of Man Núñez, Nola Rivera and Joao Pinheiro ( there is nothing you can do … we have to leave it).
    • Helena Varela, actress or whatever it takes, creator and master of voices, among them the one of the conscience (and the awareness one), manipulated during the representations, sound ambience maker and the dealer (someone has to do it).

But they are more people in the collective, although they do not know it, they are the dear artists (also friends) who collaborate with us in the creative process, and from here we thank them, very happy, very proud of their collaborations.

    • Xabier Varela, he is a virtuoso and sublime painter, and he drew and gave color to our magnetic characters, in cases with some similarity with our faces. We know it was intentional. (visit here his web)
    • Julio Fer, he is a damned and excellent playwright, he found the exact letters (or not) for the voices of our second story and was able to create the necessary connections between the realities and the fictions within this story. (visit here his web)
    • Noemi Rodríguez, she is a great and superlative actress and stage director, she was the dramaturgical adviser who knew how to chart the path to get to the other side, that side where we are now. Well it earned her several headaches. (visit here her web)



2017: “Innovative approach to puppetry animation” in the Festival Animart- III International Animation Art Festival  (Łodz – POLONIA) 

2021: “Technological inovations in the development of a new language” in XXVI International Puppet Theatre Festival “Three are too many, two are not enough” (Plovdiv-BULGARIA)




Feria Internacional del títere de Sevilla (Sevilla)

Festival TítereMurcia (Murcia)

Mostra Internacional de Teatro cómico e festivo de Cangas (Cangas)

Festival Fóra do Mapa Ferrol (Ferrol) 

International Puppet-Theatre Festival “Three are too many, two-not enough” (Plovdiv – BULGARIA) 

Figura TheaterFestival (Baden – SUIZA) 

Festival Animart- III International Animation Art Festival  (Łodz – POLONIA)

Festival Internacional de Teatro- ITF- Valise (Łomza – POLONIA)

Almería Creative Commons Film Festival  (Almería)

Feira de Teatro de Bonecos e Formas Animadas (Fafe – PORTUGAL)

Festival Primavera do Cine (Vigo)

Festival Internacional de Títeres de Redondela (Redondela)

FIOT de Carballo (Carballo)

Festival Cinemas Ocultos (Cangas)

Festival Titirideza (Lalín)

Festival ALT de Vigo (Vigo)



See here a video-essay about us and our work (english subtitles available)