STRPTS // the series


STRPTS (it is read ‘striptease’)

STRPTS is an intrigue series created in the making on stage and broadcast live in situ in real time.

STRPTS is the project with which the Cinema Sticado collective starts their live cinema adventure.

STRPTS supón un estudo que versa sobre a verdade e a mentira, sobre eses poderes ocultos que nos arrodean e que dirixen o comportamento da nosa sociedade, sobre a manipulación e o poder e, ao fin, sobre a necesidade de combatelos.

STRPTS brings to scene a miniature universe made of recicled and naked cardboard (here there is an striptease) to tell with a particular aesthetic a story tinged with mystery, sex, corruption, murder and persecution.

In STRPTS the audience sees on a large screen the projection of that story as a movie. Plus the projected movie they can also find out the naked movie (another striptease here), i.e. the making off in live: how actors-handlers involved moving characters and objects in that world in miniature at the same while they film it with cameras; how they generate sounds to create sound atmosphere and give voice to the characters. And more they can see that here we can not say.

In STRPTS Cinema Sticado do not use any kind of audiovisual prerecorded material and both the filmed image as the sounds and voices are generated and processed in real time by digital tools controlled by the actors themselves before being projected. This real-time edition combined with live creation, both of which are unrepeatable because they are not exempt from certain doses of randomness, both in themselves and in their interactions, create a unique face-to-face experience in the viewer.

Terms like live-cinema, visual poetry, puppetry, live animation, shadow theater or camera-live help to define the stagey approach of this Cinema Sticado work, but it is better to see it to understand it.


STRPTS features 2 shows in its first season: