Every undertaking is born from an idea that wakes in one or several people enough interest to sign onto an arduous and uncertain journey through the wilderness that aims to make this idea a reality.
The idea that motivated this project is driven by the non-stop fuel of the explorers: the curiosity, the thirst for knowledge, the need of breaking boundaries.
Decided to walk a little haunted path we found that it was not properly a new territory what we wanted to explore but rather the border between two territories, those in which we used to travel through: the scenic and the audiovisual fields.
Then we define our objective: explore the expressive possibilities that arise at the borders between the scenic and audiovisual fields to tell stories in an innovative and poetic way, mixing theater with the live-creation of video and audio.
And in the same way than an explorer choose materials for building the ship that will take him on his adventure, in the same way than he fills the hold, we began a journey of nearly three years of research, experimentation and development in searching of beauty, virtuosity, transmedia storytelling, the significance… and we already have our first ship armed, a ship with a deep artisanal footprint and a complex technological deployment that will take us towards new horizons.

You are invited to travel with us !


See here a video-essay about us and our work

(english subtitles available)