Cinema Sticado collective




Cinema Sticado is an artists collective which make live cinema.

As we are interested in new narrative languages the collective was founded in 2012 with the aim of exploring the expressive possibilities that arise at the boundaries between the theatre and audiovisual fields for storytelling in the field of live performance.

Our work combines visual, theatrical and performing arts with the creation of audio and video in real time (no prerecorded material is used) based on the use of cameras, microphones and own tools programmed in free software (pure data) to make live movies providing the viewer a unique and amazing visual and classroom experience.

Our intention is, firstly to give a face and obvious function to the elements of the live performance (sets, characters, sounds, images and technology), and secondly, to keep track of a fiction that although spectators aware of how you’re doing- can not escape. Paradoxical double show which stimulate the imagination of the audience in a particular way and inspire reflection.

The core group consists of Xosel Díez – engineer and audiovisual artist- and Helena Varela – theater and cinema actress.

We present our first job (STRPTS // Episode 1: Mirlo & Rula) after more than two years of experimentation and development in a clandestine workshop sited in an unspecified place of the heavenly Península do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain.

On this tour we collaborate with other artists such as we can not overemphasize the renowned painter Xavier Varela, who drew with great success the characters of the show (visit here his web)

We are working on next episodes. Stay tuned!



See here a video-essay about us and our work